cassette tape

Dancing has always been a way for people to experience social, cultural and community interaction.  These experiences were no different in the late 1970’s, with dance a staple at most clubs.

Way back when disco didn’t “suck” (by the way I like disco), and funk was on mainstream radio, music motivated the many dance crazes.  It was almost impossible to keep up with the dance names, and sometimes even harder to keep up with the intricate dance moves.

While hit songs played all night long – most were written for radio, and were about 3 minutes in length.  Not long enough!  A “problem” for the dance enthusiast.  So, Thomas Moulton, creator of the first dance mix – precursor to the remix – wanted to find a way to extend a song.

In his words “the minute the song is over they start mixing in this other song and people don’t know whether they should dance to the new song, or the old one, and then people would just walk off the floor”.  How could he make the song longer “so the dancer wouldn’t loose the feeling”?.

He spent 80 hours making the first 45 minute mix tape by copying cassette tape over cassette tape.  Though rejected by the first club he gave it to, when he gave it to New York’s most popular club atthe time, they wanted more!

They say for every “problem” there’s a solution – so if I may paraphrase the band Indeep and with reference to Thomas Moulton -There’s not a problem he can’t fix, cause he can do it in the mix.