The Bobbettes girl group album cover

The Bobbette’s – & the Billboard charts

While three of the girls were in high school, both Reather and Emma, were still in elementary school.  As a past-time the girls were members of the Glee club.  While in the Glee club they formed a girl group called The Harlem Queens who would perform every once in a while at the Appollo Theatre’s Amateur night.  It was during one of these performances that they were discovered by record producer James Dailey, who eventually became their manager.

The hit song Mr. Lee was inspired by the youngest members of the group Reather & Emma who disliked their singing teacher Mr. Lee and proceeded to write a song that projected their true feelings. However, when James Dailey approached Atlantic Records with the song Atlantic loved the music but asked that the girls change the lyrics and instead write about a school girl crush on the teacher.  With lyrics changed and label support, Mr. Lee raced up the charts solidifying The Bobbettes’ place in billboard history.