A few weeks ago, on January 20, 2019, Levi and I went to The Soul Slam singing competition, an event organized by Dwayne Morgan, who himself has an impressive career in the field of entertainment.  Soul Slam is just one of the many events he produces year round.

The event was held at The Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West, in Toronto.   I swear that Sunday was one of the coldest days of the year – a mere minus 22 degrees.  How lovely is that?  Yah, right.  Not so much lol.  Damn it was cold!

Anyway, when Levi and I arrived at the Lounge, the event had already started.  Sadly, we missed the performance by Robert Ball, last year’s winner.  An amazing vocalist and whose music I play on All About The Funk.

The location was already at standing room only!  All the available seats and tables were taken.  We did however manage to find a nice little cozy spot to stand near the artists’ dressing room.  This gave us a really nice view of the lounge and an unobstructed view of the stage. Who knew there were this many soul music enthusiasts in the city?!  I was excited!

Levi immediately began to judge the event, sharing his own scores with anyone within ear shot, including Nicole Morgan, who I’d met on facebook, but had never met in person.  That was cool.  She was cool to!  Levi’s score sheet always came very close to the official scores.  Needless to say, lol, he was very impressed with himself.

The competition started with 12 singers, and would eventually be pared down to three finalists.  Each singer performed an original song, bringing their “A” game to the stage. After all, winning meant taking home the $1000 cash prize.

As each round ended and singers were eliminated, you could feel the anticipation growing.  The place was buzzing.  Everyone was engaged in some form of conversation, presenting their own scores, trying to figure out who would walk away with the win.

Dwayne had the event flowing smoothly.  With each elimination round he called out the names of those who would move to the next round.  And with each round, the competition grew that much more intense.

As with competitions, competitors get eliminated.  And in this singing competition, three singers impressed the judges.  So, when the names of Denver Haylee, Storry, and Sandra Bouza were announced, we knew we were in for a nail biting finale.  All three were very impressive within their own soulful styles.  And, as each took their turn to perform, we were reminded why they had gotten to this point in the competition.

I must say that with each round, the judges made quick smart decisions, and the final round was no different.  Within a few minutes we saw Dwayne make his way to the stage.  We’d been waiting for this moment.

Reading from his official score sheet, he read out the scores.  Denver Haylee took 3rd place, and Sandra Bouza took 2nd place.  The judges had chose Storry as this year’s Soul Slam winner!  The audience applauded, some stood.  She really did deserve this year’s win.

Storry.  What a beautiful voice!  Her songs are  melodious, and the stories within them are ones that just about anyone can relate to.

In conversation, with others that night, we had already decided that these songs were radio ready – what was she waiting for?!

Well, as it stands, she’s been in the studio putting the finishing touches on her soon to be released debut album – earmarked for release sometime this summer.

She owned the stage that night, and I have no don’t doubt she’ll take her talent to the next level, guaranteeing a huge fanbase along the way.

I had the opportunity to interview her the week after her win.  Her very first radio interview!  You can hear the interview here All About The Funk, and follow her here on  Facebook &  Instagram  Wishing her every bit of success!!!

Congratulations to Dwayne Morgan for putting on this incredible display of Toronto talent.  I’m glad I braved the cold and attended. So many great vocalist, and great songs – a fantastic night of musical discovery!

If you missed it this year, don’t do that to yourself next year lol.  Toronto has some awesome talent, and I for one, can’t wait to  hear what they bring to Soul Slam next year!  See you there!

Looking for highlights from the event? Click here.