George Clinton and band performing on stage

First off, I should say that I have absolutely nothing against the music of today. Not at all. I am a fan of The Weekend and the likes. I am however frustrated with mainstream radio who have thrown deaf ears to the anthem of my youth – “We Want The Funk” by George Clinton.

While Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars certainly brought the genre back to the mainstream. I still miss those classic funk & soul songs of the 70’s & 80’s. Those songs of yesteryear and their feel good energy. I wasn’t old enough to go the clubs but the alarm clock I won had a radio on it, and through no fault of its own, was “stuck” on WBLK 93.7 FM out of Buffalo New York. Listening to hit after hit on a Saturday night made me feel like I was on the dance floor. I remember dancing to Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall in a talent contest, and introducing classmates to Shame by Evelyn Champagne King even though they knew nothing about funk music. I was a funkateer. Ready to spread the word, and it felt so good!

Much of today’s music is sprinkled with elements of funk & soul with little mention of the musical pioneers who paved the way. It’d be nice if mainstream radio remembered them and had more funk and soul in their playlists. I may be a little older, and not as light on my feet, but I’m still here and I STILL want the funk.